For the Love of Letterpress

addresses why a 15th century printing technology based upon crafting with one’s hands still has appeal and value to a 21st century digitally literate society.

For the Love of Letterpress combines beautiful, new, and innovative images of letterpress printing with easy to understand ‘how-to’s. Out of 2,000 images submitted, the authors chose the work of 100 printers from 13 countries. In many instances these images are discussed in the context of how they have successfully harmonized their form with content, in the printer’s own words. The book offers guidance on planning a concept, gathering inspiration, setting type, printing on a Vandercook press and critiquing your letterpress work. It will help you develop your skills, or show you how to lead others to do so.

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication dates: August 15, 2013 (UK), September 1, 2013 (Australia), October 10, 2013 (US)

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The Authors

Cathie Ruggie Saunders has an MFA in Graphics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a BA from Northwestern University. She is the Proprietor of The Hosanna Press, which has been in operation since 1973. Teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago since 1984, she has overseen the growth of its Letterpress Shop from a single press and 20 cases of type, to a studio with 15 ½ tons of equipment and approximately 500 letterpress “graduates”. She is also a Professor at Saint Xavier University in Chicago within the Art & Design Department, and directs the SXU professional Gallery, as well as the Visual Arts Center Student/Alumni Gallery.

Martha Chiplis has an MFA in Graphics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She first printed on a Vandercook in 1984, and bought her own press in 1989. She worked for Sherwin Beach Press as a letterpress printer and designer for 16 years, and began teaching at the School of the Art Institute in 2008. She is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and printer, and lives in a bungalow outside of Chicago.