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This book is unique because it provides instruction on practical printing techniques as well as on the art of printing as a method of expression in itself rather than a simple means to an end. Strip away the creative process and even the savviest print technician cannot create a truly successful work. Learning the how is fundamental, but so is learning the why. …
For those interested in understanding the whole mind-body process and experience of letterpress printing as a fine art form, this book delivers.Camden M. Richards in The Quarterly News-Letter of the Book Club of California, Summer 2014
Chapters on technical aspects of presses, printing, good studio practice, relief matrices, and (please note) contemporary processes, are written in accessible language with useful information and tips that can only be gained from experienced practitioners. Enhanced by a fascinating array of images of prints, ephemera and artists’ books by letterpress and book arts practitioners around the globe.Angie Butler, Book Artist, UK, in Printmaking Today, Fall 2014
With its many photographs and stories of completed works, and its instruction directed at both students and teachers, For the Love of Letterpress is a book printers will refer to over and over as they add skills and develop their printing voice and style.Sara T. Sauers, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Center for the Book, in Printeresting
I have many books on printing and design and this book is an excellent resource and has become one of my favorites. This much needed inspiring instructional tool is for ANYONE with a passion for letterpress. Geared towards educators and students, each section is broken down into topic chapters that are easy to navigate through and understand. It’s a wonderful reference on process, techniques and materials, so keep it handy! I find the exceptional works of various artists featured in this book, inspiring and a visual treat! Love this book!Jeryl Jones, Designer/Printer, Pumpkin Patch Press
For the Love of Letterpress recognizes the history and traditional process while eloquently describing the role of letterpress in modern graphic design and art. It is thorough and simple in its discussion of the technical aspects of the printing and conceptual processes in a format that is both approachable and engaging for the printer or student. As an instructor of letterpress in higher education, I appreciate "the magic" descriptively woven throughout For the Love of Letterpress, a beautiful documentation of technical lessons and impressive letterpress work. Erin Beckloff, Vistiting Instructor, Miami University, Ohio